February 21, 2017: What makes a good cooperation? What are the trends in the coming years? These and other questions were discussed last Tuesday at the eighth High-Tech Partnering Conference of the High-Tech Gründerfonds. At this year's Scouting Innovation - Finding Cooperation event, 300 industry representatives and 110 startups met to explore the potential of their collaboration.


Frank Strauß, CEO of Deutsche Postbank, spoke in his keynote about the topics that the banking industry would have to deal with now and in the future. This includes the use of SmartData and the sensible implementation of digital innovations to increase the efficiency of the company and improve service experience for customers. Digital services and personal customer contact will be of equal importance. The challenge for Postbank is to correctly balance both dimensions according to customer requirements.

"Within the Group, there is a tension between exploitation and exploration, which can be balanced by the innovations of start-ups," said Dr. Michael Brandkamp, ​​Managing Director of the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF). Startups are the main driver of innovation and disruptive technologies. But many fail. For Dr. Alex v. Frankenberg, Managing Director of the HTGF, this is the central enemy of innovation, in addition to the ability to persist. In this context, the primary question that companies are asking themselves is to be future-oriented: "How do I recognize innovations and, above all, disruptive trends as early as possible?". The more disruptive an innovation is, the less it fits into the current worldview and is classified as nonsense. Frankenberg identified three game changers: Bitcoins will abolish the previous money system, artificial intelligence will make it possible to distinguish truth from untruth, and will lead players like Uber to change the automotive industry as it currently exists.

What is it that makes a good cooperation? In the panel "How do I co-operate correctly?" This question was dealt with by already cooperating startups and companies. It is particularly important to be aware of the different expectations and to recognize the similarities in order to work together successfully. Setbacks and the tolerance of errors are just as important as the contact at eye level.

Andreas Kleinschmidt led the program with expert sessions on important trends, pitches and one-to-one meetings. The next High-Tech Partnering Conference will take place in spring 2018.


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